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Treasure Swamp - A Pop Opera
treasure swamp a pop opera
Pirates, Possums & Pandemonium!
A rollicking adventure in 22 songs.

An evil pirate and his plucky monkey invade the swamp in search of hidden treasure. And they’ll destroy everything to find it. But they may have underestimated the swamp friends, who join forces to fight for their community.

43 minutes of non-stop excitement, featuring love-struck possums, a crafty raccoon, a gruff gator, a pokey turtle and so much more!  treasure swamp
Meet Petey

          ...........     treasure-swamp-pirate
Meet Captain

Click a song title below to hear a sample:

As our story opens, the Frog Chorus describes their swamp and gives a clue of the evil nearby.
1. Backwater Bottomland Bowl

The Swamp Friends, joyous in their marshy community, sing a song of celebration.
2. Glorious Day

The Frog Chorus tells that Petey Possum loves Pattie and faints (plays possum) whenever he sees her.
3. Poor Petey Possum

Petey's love song to Pattie laments his inability to face her.
4. You Knock Me Out

Meanwhile, the Frog Chorus warns of what they feared in the introduction.
5. Evil is Here

A sinister pirate and his monkey mate have come to drain the swamp to find pirate treasure.
6. Drain the Swamp

News of the Pirate spreads quickly among the Swamp Friends.

7. The Alarm Song

A distressed Pattie, Petey and the Swamp Friends sing an anthem to their precious land.
8. Swamp Land

Inspired by Shrewd Owl, the Swamp Friends come up with clever ideas to save the swamp.
9. Plan A

Once again, Petey looks at Pattie and collapses, and Pattie sings her love song to him.
10. A Minute of Your Time

When the Pirate kidnaps Pattie, The Frog Chorus keeps us in suspense.
11. What's He Gonna Do?

The Pirate and his monkey reveal their dinner plans.
12. One-Possum Stew

The Swamp Friends sadly return to admit their plans to stop the Pirate didn't work.
13. Running Out of Ideas Blues

But Crafty Raccoon announces he's brought in an army of bugs to try to drive the Pirate away.
14. I Got a Guy

No one knows that Pattie's in trouble until Petey overhears the Frog Chorus.
15. Poor, Poor Pattie

Determined to rescue her, Petey decides to play possum so he'll get kidnapped, too.
16. Play Dead

Petey's plan works, and the Pirate announces he's changing his dinner menu.
17. Two-Possum Stew

The Frog Chorus reminds us that while things are looking bad, everything could change.
18. Something's in the Air

When the Pirate sees the swarm coming, he reveals that's the one thing he's terrfied of. 
19. Creepy, Creepy, Yucky

It worked! And The Frog Chorus lets us know that saved Pattie and all is well.
20. Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler

Pattie, Petey and Shrewd Owl remind everyone that the real treasure is their home.
21. Rich

Finally, the Frog Chorus rounds out the moral of the story.
22. Epilogue

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